More 1/77th FA Vietnam
First Cav Division Airmobile-105mm Howitzers
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500 Pound Bombs dropped
near LZ Montezuma, 1967
(Steve Johnson, A 1/77)

LZ Montezuma, a few days,
and a few fire missions later.
(A 1/77th 1967)

Steve Johnson, A 1/77 on LZ Ollie.
Notice the "Australian Shower Bucket," upper right!)

SSG Al Johnson
SSG Al Johnson, Gun Section Chief, A 1/77th '67

This is Brad Dayharsh of Hart, Michigan at LZ Crystal in 1967

SSG Wandie Rice, A 1/77 on LZ Mead, turning C-rations into hot lunch!

LZ Crystal? We did not see C-123s too often at an LZ! Steve Johnson

Hopkins (left), from New York City, A 1/77 July 66-67. Ariello Rodrecus, from San Antino TX, A 1/77 Nov 66-67. Steve Johnson, A 1/77

Bulldozer brought in on CH54 crane to make gun positions on LZ Mead, Steve Johnson, A 1/77

Air strikes at the bottom of the mountin as seen from LZ Olie A 1/77th 1967

LZ Grant, home of C 1/77th Spring '69.  Black Virgin Mountain (Nui Ba Den) in background Reon Onstine

LZ Grant, April '69  C 1/77th Reon Onstine

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