1/77th Artillery Vietnam
First Cav Division Airmobile-105mm Howitzers
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A177_66.jpg (205060 bytes)
Picture copied from 77th Regimental Classroom in Snow Hall, Ft Sill

One Sortie movin' out Cav style!

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Huuaah!  What more can I say?!

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Charlie Battery 1969

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Ed Bott & Bob Bline,  1969

Bott.jpg (62970 bytes)
Ed "Doc" Bott,. Hq '69

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Charlie Battery 1969

Paul Baldassano, B 1/77th 1970

Baldassano with reptile friend

B 1/77th, 1970 
Paul Baldassano: "Vietnam just isn't
all its 'quacked' up to be!"

B 1/77th FDC 1970
(Baldassano plotting a fire
misison on slide rule)

A /77th 1966 Convoy - 
LZ Crystal to LZ Ollie
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