Mike Maynard's Photo Album 
A 1/77th Artillery Vietnam
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Lt Scott with expended Tet ammo

Lt. Scott preparing for relocation

LZ Tom the first day

LZ Tom- Cpl Garripy (left) me in rear, Gober (right)

LZ Tom early April 68

CPL Willis LZ Tom

CH54 ammo resupply LZ Tom

LZ Wharton- from FDC 1/30 155s other side of hill

Lt Maynard, Top Marshall, Sgt. Kelly on LZ Wharton

LZ Wharton prepared positions

High-priced gun crew: 1SG Marshall & Lt. Maynard

So easy I can do it with my eyes closed

Me in rear, Doc Talliafero in turban, Lloyd Lockett loading pos.

Early Feb.68: my 1st combat assault with C 2/5 as an FO

C 2/5 Tom Dodson (my first Recon Sgt) facing camera

9 March Ap Pho Trac battle with C 2/5

Old French Fort

KIA 16-foot infiltrator

Lt Maynard, Barry Luedke, Wilbur Ferguson

R & R in Hawaii April 68

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