Mike Maynard's Photo Album 
C & A 1/77th Artillery Vietnam
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Tom Murphy and me at Atomic Annie

Cam Ranh Bay - First Day in the War Zone

NOV-67 LZ Sandra 
B-7-13 COS & me

Uniform of the day?

B-7-13 Lts. Harris & Maynard pretending to work on FDC

Lts Harris & Maynard rest after pretending to work

Lts Maynard & Harris at officers call

Nov 67 XO B 7/13 Arty

Phu Cat AFB - Bong Son Nov 1967

Phu Cat AFB BOQ-war is Hell in the AF

Shopping trip to Phu Cat AFB PX

Shooting rats with my grease gun

My impression of Patton at the Rhine

Nov 67 Bong Son village

Dec. 68 going for a charge 7 hit with C 1/77

Directing repair to C 1/77 FDC during 1-5-68 LZ Ross attack

122mm rocket hit on C 1/77 FDC Jan 68

Jan. 68 Tet on LZ Ross: note bayonet hilt in FDO's bunk

1SG Marshall A 1/77th

CPT Weiss A 1/77th

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