77th Field Artillery Battalion

Korea (1949 - 1952) and Japan (1952 - 1957)

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Constituted in the Army of the United States 25 February 1943 as the 271st Field Artillery Battalion. The 271st was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division in support of the 5th, 7th, 8th and 12th Cavalry Battalions. The 271st participated in the Occupation of Japan in 1945-48.

On 25 March 1949, they were redesignated as the 77th Field Artillery Battalion and allotted to the Regular Army, serving with the First Cavalry Division in Korea and Japan. The 77th, one of two remaining artillery units, were the only 1st Cavalry units still in a tactical situation 30 December 1951 - The 77th Field Artillery fired the last 1st Cavalry Division round in Korean War. The 77th Field Artillery left Korea and arrived at the port of Muroran on 16 January 1952, closing out the move of the 1st Cavalry Division from Korea to Hokkaido Japan just 18 months after the July 1950 landing at Pusan.

The battalion was inactivated 15 October 1957 in Japan.

Bagatelos James   77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Bailey Kenneth R 77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Ballard Walter G A 77th FAB 50-51   CPL   Yes  
Bartz Carl D 77th FAB 51-52   SGT   Yes  
Bates Don M 77th FAB 51-52   SGT   Yes  
Beal Melvin B 77th FAB 52-53       Yes  
Bescheinen James T HQ 77th FAB 51-52   SFC   Yes  
Biesterveld Donald   HQ 77th FAB 51-53   SFC   Yes  
Biggins John T HQ 77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Bland Knox   HQ 77th FAB 53-54   MSG   Yes Knox Bland 
Bowman Ralph L HQ 77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Brader Walter   Avn 77th FAB 51-52       Yes Walter Brader 
Brady Wayne   77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Carpenter Squire A 77th FAB 50-51       Yes  
Chalkley Leonard W 77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Cheek William W HQ 77th FAB 52-53       Yes  
Cole John C 77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Colpitts Arnold R HQ 77th FAB 50-52       Yes Alan.Colpitts(at)verizon.net 
Corman Lemoyne E 77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Coyle Roger M 77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Dearth Miles H A 77th FAB 50-51       Yes  
Depoy George M HQ 77th FAB 49-51       Yes George Depoy  9-9-2012
Difani Harold S A 77th FAB 51-52       Yes John Difani, Son  2-2-2012
Dorton Ladrue B 77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Elliott Lewis E Svc 77th FAB 49-51       Yes Lewis Elliott  
Engle Robert W C 77th FAB 51-52 RTO     Yes  
Ford Richard D 77th FAB 51-53       Yes Richard Ford 
Freed Robert A 77th FAB 50-51       No  
Geiger Robert W 77th FAB 51-53       Yes  
Gibson Bob W 77th FAB 48-51 Cook SSG   Yes Bob Gibson 
Grider Edgar L C 77th FAB 50-51   CPL   Yes  
Gumaer Howard D A 77th FAB 51-52       Yes Howard Gumaer 
Hamilton William H 77th FAB 49-51 Bn XO MAJ   Yes William Hamilton Col (Ret) USA
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Charles W Hansen, 77FA 51-53, , Located
Hugh Harrington, C 77th 50-51, CPL GUNS, Located
William B Harris, HQ 77th 50-52, LTC Bn Cdr, Not Found Yet
Fred N Hicks, 77FA 51-53, , Located
Robert W Hoffman, A 77th 49-51, CPL , Not Found Yet
COL Algin J Hughes, 77th 53-54, COL , Located
Paul A Hullinger, 77FA 51-53, , Located
Gary D Kent, 77FA 51-53, , Located
Dr Gerald A Larson, HQ 77th 51-52, SGT , Located
Michael LaSala, B 77th 53-54, SGT Guns, Located
James C Lashley, Jr., A 77th 50-51, , Located jflashley@aol.com
Vernon B Lewis, Jr., 77FA 50-52, , Located
Thurman E Luca, HQ 77th 53-, PFC , Located
COL Ted T Marley (Ret), A 1/77 50-52, COL , Located tmarley@juno.com
Roger P McBride, HQ 77th 51-53, LTC FO, Located
Terry McCully, A 77th 50-51, , Located
Max A McKee, HQ 77th 50-53, MSG , Located
LTC Wm Don Melton (Ret), HQ 77th 53-55, LTC Bn AvnOf, Located
Gilbert Mitchell, A 77th 50-51, SGT , Located
Austin Monday, C 77th 50-51, SGT Guns, Located
James R Moore, A 77th 49-51, , Located markmoore@home.com
Joseph W Morton, A 77th 49-51, MSG , Located
Charles E Musser, A 77th 50-51, , Located
SFC Omer L Neil, ret., HQ 77th 53-54, SFC , Located
George M Osborne, A 77th 49-51, CPL FO, Located
Gene ? Owens, A 77th 50-51, , Not Found Yet
Ronald C Pennington, 77th 54-55 Located Email Unknown
Matt Quay, HQ 77th 49-51, SGM , Located msquay@yahoo.com
Charles J Reid, 1/77 50-52, , Located cboaktree@aol.com
George R Reynolds, C 77th 50-52, CPL , Located
Reginald L Richards, HQ 77th 49-52, , Located
Charles J Rose, A 77th 51-52, , Located
Raymond C Shay, A 77th 50-51, CPT Btry Cdr, Located
John R Slack, 77th 49-50, SGT , Located
Leonard J Slemmer, HQ 77th 51-52, , Located
James E Stewart, B 77th 49-51, SGT , Located
LTG Gordon Sumner, Jr., A 77th 50-51, CPT Btry Cdr, Located gordon.sumnerjr@us.army.mil
?? ? Teague, C 77th 50-51, CPT Btry Cdr, Not Found Yet
Charles A Terry, C 77th 50-52, CPT Btry Cdr, Not Found Yet
Charles Toole, 77TH 51-52, , Located jtoole@alaska.net
LTC Alfred R Weimer, USA Ret, 77th 49-50, , Located
Bartley C Wheeler, HQ 77th 48-51, SFC FO Team, Located
Lynn Wilkerson, A 77th 51-53, SGT Guns 5-6, Located busman73@msn.com
Norman Williams KE8FG, HQ 77th 52-54, CPL Commo, Located
Kenneth L Winship, HQ 77th 48-52, , Located

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