77th Field Artillery Regiment Veterans who have passed away.

Larry Alderman           B 1/77 65-66 6/27/76

CSM Milton Banister(Ret) A 1/77 65-66 12/96

Steven Benfield          B 1/77 70-   1/11/88

David Bergman            C 1/77 65-66 10/7/83

Steve Condi              A 1/77 65-66 1994

Richard Connor         HHS 1/77 69-70 12/25/80

Harold S Difani          A 77th FA Bn 51-52 10/06/1987 - Received information from Harold's son, John Difani, on Feb 2, 2012. John recently posted a request on Korean War Project website at http://www.koreanwar.org/html/units/77fab.htm asking if anyone can help him find some of his dad's old friends he served with. John has been searching for years for some kind of connection to his father's unit. If you can help in any way please contact John at glass1102(at)centurytel.net. He knows absolutely nothing about his dad's war experiences and would like to learn more about it. (February 3, 2012)

Harvey Gardner           A 1/77 67-68 Unknown

Roy Gober                A 1/77 67-68 5/29/2011

Ronnie Haines            C 1/77 67-68 6/23/92

Mike Housman             C 1/77 70-   1981

Homer Jones              B 1/77 65-66 1/8/89

Samuel Katz              C 1/77 65-66 09/1996

Frank Kowalski           C 1/77 65-66 9/9/86

Arnold Laidig            B 1/77 69-70 2008

John Lazowski            C 1/77 66-67 5/11/68

James Lee                C 1/77 68-69 9/11/87

James Livingston       HHS 1/77 67-68 2/21/92

CSM Charles Loftus(Ret)  C 1/77 67-68 12/1987

Ronnie L Miller          B 1/77 70-71 4/2011 - Ronnie's daughter, Amy, would really love to connect with someone who knew him while in Vietnam or knew of his service in the Army. Ronnie served with B Battery starting in September 1970 when the battery was still located on FSB Betty, north west of Song Be and FSB Buttons, Vietnam. Depending on how long it took to in process in September, he may have joined the battery at Phouc Vinh, when they were on "Palace Guard" duty at Division Artillery after they moved there on 4 Oct 1970. From there they manned FSBs Hamilton, Dragon Head, Carla, Grunt, Rash, Snuffy, and Betty again until March 1971. Then the 77th Artillery Regiment, along with the 1st and 2nd Brigades of the 1st Cavalry Division, returned to Fort Hood, Texas. Ronnie Miller had 6 months left unti his date of return, so he was reassigned to B Battery, 1st Battalion, 21st Artillery with the 3rd Brigade (Separate), 1st Cavalry Division. He left Vietnam in September of 1971. If you served with Ronnie, his daughter is interested in talking with you about your and his service. Amy can be reached by clicking here to send an email.

Leroy Montion            C 1/77 67-68 1986

James Murphey          HHS 1/77 66- 1/23/94

Frank Neumeyer           A 1/77 68-69 FO

Robert Patterson         B 1/77 65-66 3/26/79

David Peterson           C 1/77 67-68 10/13/86

Charles Ray Potts, Jr.   B 1/77 68-69 10/29/2002 - Received word Dec 27, 2011 that 'Chuck' was missing from our list. In Vietnam, he was assigned to the 1/77 in December '68. Chuck was assigned to B Battery as a Supply Sergeant. He left Vietnam in September of '69 taking advantage of the rule that if a brother was also in Vietnam, one of them could go home. Chuck had a wife and small child at home at the time. Chuck left Vietnam just prior to the Battalion HQ move to Song Be from Lai Khe. CW2 Potts was a draftee when he went to Vietnam. After returning from Vietnam, he finished his 2 year duty, returned to civilian life but then re-enlisted a year later. He left Vietnam as a Sergeant E5, but at some point after his re-enlisitng, he became a Warrant Officer. He stayed in the service until his retirement. He was killed in a convenience store robbery in 2002. Chuck is buried at Fort Bliss National Cemetery, El Paso TX. See more details at Find A Grave.

George R Quarles III    CO 1/77 44-46 07-1965 - George R. Quarles, IV, recently became a member of the 77th Field Artillery Regiment Association. He made a contribution in memory of his father, a retired Colonel from the 77th who took the 1st Battlion from North Africa to Berlin Germany. He saw the change from the 1st Battalion, 77th Artillery to 634th FA after the War. Colonel Quarles passed away in July of 1965. George the IV has contact his contact information posted on the Roster Page with the listing of his father. George (IV) is also a veteran, serving in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He served almost 2 yrs in electronics as a radio mechanic for remote/ isolated sites. His last station was 907th Radar Squadron, in Bucks Harbor Maine. Before that, he taught vietnam soliders how to build and repair back pack radios while stationed at Kessler AFB. He was Honorably discharged in April 1971 (February 2, 2012)

Herman Quick             C 1/77 66-67 1969

Jimmy Ragland            B 1/77 65-66 2/16/69

Tommy Risner             B 1/77 65-66 12/9/68

Michael Robinett         B 1/77 69-70 1976

Jose Santiago-Lopez      B 1/77 65-66 9/25/84

Roger L. Schmidt         B 1/77 69-70 1/xx/76 - He was in Class LPC 13-69 at Fort Sill. He served in VietNam from Jan/1969 through Feb/1970 with Battery B, at LZ Eleanor and LZ Dolly near Tay Ninh. He died from Agent-Orange related cancer in early January, 1976. He was a Detroit Police Officer when he passed. If anyone remembers Roger (called Motown in Nam) please feel free to contact Catherine (Schmidt) O'Connor He left two daughters. Our son, Sgt. 1st Class Michael R. Schmidt died April/2006. He was a 13 year veteran, deployed to Iraq. Keeping up the tradition, our granddaughter, Chelsea M. Cliff, is now serving in Korea with the Army/Patriot Missle Systems. "We would love to hear from fellow soldiers Roger served with." - - - Catherine (Schmidt) O'Connor (January 21, 2012)

   Roger Schmidt Vietnam                     Roger Schmidt Vietnam                Fort Sill Academy Class 13-69

David Smith            HHS 1/77 69-70 1994

John Springsteen         B 1/77 65-66 10/8/85

Rubin Sykes              B 1/77 65-66 9/11/75

Billy Talkington       HHS 1/77 65-66 1976

Edward Taulbee           C 1/77 65-66 10/21/81

Bill Taylor              C 1/77 67-68 1969

Thomas J Vernor          C 1/77 70-   July 2007

James White            HHS 1/77 67-68  

Luebe Williams           B 1/77 69-70 2/1/87

If you have any names to be added from any 77th Field Artillery or other 'type' 77th Regiment Battalions,
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