2/77th Artillery Vietnam
4th & 25th Infantry Divisions - 105mm Howitzers
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Repairing bunkers
at Dau Tieng Base Camp, GIs with the help of Vietnamese nationals reinforce the positions.  The west perimeter of the base camp came under heavy ground attack in the predawn hours of July fourth by two reinforced NVA companies.  (Photo by SP4 Bill Sluis)
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RESUPPLY - Dropping in a ‘water buffalo’ and a load of supplies, a Chinook helicopter resupplies the 3d Brigade’s new Fire Support Base Mahon, 40 miles northwest of Saigon.  The supplies are for Charlie Battery of the ‘Up Tight’ 2d Battalion, 77th Artillery.  (PHOTO BY 1LT JOSEPH M. O’BRIEN II)  November, 1968

BE PREPARED - Making preparations for the possibility of an enemy mortar or rocket attack, Sergeant Kenneth Zepernick plots coordinates of suspected Viet Cong locations near Dau Tieng, base camp of the 3d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division.  The coordinates are used to determine radar sightings which direct counter-mortar and counter-rocket fire of the 2d Battalion, 77th Artillery.  (PHOTO BY SP4 BILL SLUIS)

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Sgt. Kenneth Zepernick

PFC Fred Maul, CSM Charles Smith
SIGN OF THE SEASON - Private First Class Fred Maul and Command Sergeant Major Charles Smith have been busy sorting Christmas gifts that have been rolling in since Maul initiated a project to help the children of Duc Hanh B.  (Photo by PFC Doug Sainsbury, DEC '68) Click here for story from Tropic Lightning

YOUR Pictures should be posted here!!

YOUR Pictures should be posted here!!

YOUR Pictures should be posted here!!
UNUSUAL TRAJECTORY?  Cannoneers of the 2d Battalion, 77th Artillery blast away during fire mission at Fire Support Base Wood.  Captured in the photo is the round from a sister gun just to the right of the one pictured.  (PHOTO BY SP5 BILL SLUIS)  January 1969 2/77th Artillery fire mission

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