Maxie Price's photos
A 2/77th Dec 67-Jan 68

Note from Maxie's Niece:  He was only there for a little over 3 months before he died, so the pictures had to be taken sometime just before he died. The film was undeveloped and came back with the body, in with all of Uncle Maxie's belongings.  His brother is a photographer and only developed 2 of the pictures 35 years ago and never wanted to see the rest. So early this year, 35 years later after bugging him a lot, he has finally given me the negatives.  For the first time ever, this year all of the pictures were developed and seen for the first time!  I would love to know who all of the other wonderful men are in the pictures. My uncle was a radio operator and he is the one in the pictures, sitting on the ground talking on the radio, in the jungle. He is on the radio, leaned over, looking kind of tired to me. So I hope you can find out who some of them are I hope you can see someone you know.  Barbara Sue Price-Atkinson (click on name to email Susie)


Maxie Price - RTO