B Battery 1st Bn 77th Arty 68-69
Eugene Grabill

3rd move in two months LZ Hardcore 68

Above the clouds at LZ Carol

Aerial view of SVN

Air strike near LZ Eleanor

Ammo Team at LZ Dolly.

Area beautification at LZ Eleanor

ARVNS move into LZ Jane

B52 strike between LZ Dolly and Black Virgin MT

Birth Control LZ Hardcore 68

/Birth Control at LZ Hardcore 68

Birth Control at LZ Jane

Birth Control on final approach to Jane

Black Virgin Mountain in the distance

Btry B builds LZ Eleanor.

BTRY HQ at LZ Carol

Btry HQ at LZ Hardcore

Building bunkers at LZ Dolly.

Bunker building at LZ Carol

Charles Brillhart, B 177 68-69

Chow time at LZ Carol

Church at LZ Hardcore

Coke girls at LZ Eleanor

Crew of Gun Birth Control

Dave Andrews at LZ Jane

Fire mission at LZ Jane

Fire mission at LZ Jane 

Fire mission at LZ Jane 

Fire mission at LZ Jane