1-77 FA (Falcons) Bn HQs & HHS achievements:


As the Command Cell for Zone 6, Camp Arifjan, the Falcons provided force protection, key operational facilities, and life support for more than 59,000 OIF Service Members and their units billeted in a joint and expeditionary camp during the past year.  This enabled resident tenant units to perform their missions to support the force in Iraq and rotational units to effectively conduct RSOI and redeployment.  Additionally, the Falcons augmented the ASG-KU staff with key positions and provided the Base Defense Liaison Team for all southern Camps in Kuwait. 


The Falcons markedly improved the overall Force Protection and Anti-terrorism posture of the camp with the addition of an Emergency Operations Center and a Quick Reaction Force that previously did not exist.  They did this while simultaneously improving the overall quality of life throughout the Camp with dedicated efforts to repair and maintain facilities, skillfully managing service contracts and the enhancement of infrastructure by managing and completing 19 major construction projects.  As a result, they left Zone 6 more secure, safer and a better place to live than when they arrived. The Soldiers of HHS gave their absolute best day in and day out in sun, dust, wind, rain, and extreme heat of Kuwait, they accomplished their mission with honor and distinction.


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