1-77 FA (Falcons) HQs achievements:


As the Command Cell for Zone 6, provided force protection, key operational facilities, and life support for more than 59,000 OIF Service Members and their units billeted in this joint and expeditionary camp during the past year.  This enabled resident tenant units to perform their missions to support the force up north and rotational units to effectively conduct C/JRSOI and redeployment.  This was achieved while transitioning from LOGCAP to sustainment contracts which significantly reduced the overall operating costs of the camp.  In addition to running the Zone 6 Command Cell, the Falcons provided the BDLT South and several key personnel to man the ASG-KU staff ranging from force protection, the camps cell, S2, and CJA office.


·         AT/FP Improvements: 


The Falcons embraced this as an operational mission recognizing that there is a credible and dangerous threat lurking.  Living the WARRIOR ETHOS each day, force protection and security remained foremost as they accomplished their mission to ensure freedom of action for tenant units to perform their missions.


Organized, trained and activated a 24/7 Camp EOC from scratch that provided the ability to respond 24/7 to any threat or crisis situation.  This also serves as the alternate EOC for Camp Arifjan providing redundancy.


Organized and trained an internal dismounted QRF enhancing the ability to respond to a threat or crisis.  Training included CQM, ECP, and MOUT live fire exercises at Udairi Range.


Developed mass casualty response drills integrating all Camp Arifjan emergency responders and the NMCB Bn aid station.  Trained and rehearsed these drills throughout the year with a series of rock drills and exercises that integrated all emergency responders and medical personnel. 


Assembled and positioned trauma response kits at troop mass gathering areas


Developed and implemented Random Antiterrorism Measures providing greater deterrence and internal surveillance


Markedly improved the overall protection of vulnerable troop areas by developing and implementing a revised barrier plan that hardened the camp with 500 additional barriers


The BDLT significantly improved the protection of all southern camps with the movement and emplacement of 15,000 barriers, the redesign of numerous ECPs, and the conduct of vulnerability assessments.


The Camps cell supported the OIF 05-07 force rotation during CJ/RSOI



Medium Voltage Grid

New Chapel & Chapel Annex

Training and Activity Center

Six Large Area Maintenance Shelters

Motor pool communications

HET motor pool maintenance center

Command Post reset

Convoy Briefing Center

Water Distribution System

Sewage Lift Station

Storm water drainage system

Facility trailer refurbishment

New post office and legal center

Communications infrastructure

Camp classroom

SEABEE classroom

PCB build outs

Motor pool expansions

Decommissioning of excess tent pads



Served 1.9 million meals

Developed and implemented a new emergency work order drills to rapidly respond and repair losses in critical utilities

Effectively managed more than 15 million dollars of contracts for services and procurement

Procured and installed 150 new washers and dryers

Procured and installed a dish satellite TV service

Supported all major MWR events throughout the year to include Operation Christmas Basket and several concerts and shows

Received and installed a new AT&T phone center

Procured and delivered new mattresses and wall lockers



Enforced standards throughout preventing serious injuries and incidents


Conducted fire and safety inspections for 135 PCBs, more than 530 tents, and all facilities



Filled critical positions throughout the ASG-KU staff that included the BDLT-South, the Camps Cell, Force Protection, Plans, S2, and the legal office.  Each Soldier and leader significantly contributed to the accomplishment of the ASG’s mission.



Mission accomplishment was achieved by the dedicated, tenacious, and tireless efforts of these 50 Soldiers combined with their exceptional teamwork and partnership with the SEABEES, DPW, the ASG staff, MWR,  AAFES, tenant units, and external agencies.


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